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Teaching projects

...of Jakob Lindenmeyer.

* ETH WWW-Workshop (ETH-W4)
* Programming and problem solving (XC/2, VI/2)
* Software-Tools (VI/1, VII/1, XA/1, XB/1, XC/1)
* Internet education for Kids
* Swiss Cyber Roadshow

* Programmieren und Problemlösen (XC/2, VI/2)
"Programming and Problem solving (XC/2, VI/2)" is a lecture hold by Prof. Dr. H. Hinterberger at the ETH Zurich in summer term about programming in Delphi.
Function: Teaching Assistant (1997-2000)

* Software tools (VI/1, VII/1, XA/1, XB/1, XC/1)
"Einsatz von Informatikmitteln (VI/1, VII/1, XA/1, XB/1, XC/1)" is a lecture hold by Prof. Dr. H. Hinterberger at the ETH Zurich in winter term. It is a general introduction into computer handling.
Function: Teaching Assistant (1996-2000)

* Internet education for Kids
"Wellenreiten auf dem Information Highway - Mit der ETH @b in den Cyberspace" is a summer program for kids 12 years and older, organized by the Department of Computer Science and the Public Relations Office (AOA) together with Pro Juventute. During the 5 weeks of summer vacation they have the possibility to get in contact with internet at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.
Abstract | Program: Project description | Pictures of the summer program for kids at ETH
Function: Organization (1998-2000)

* ETH WWW Workshop (ETH-W4)
The ETH WWW Workshop (ETH-W4) is a meeting for all the contributors of the ETH web (e. g. Webmasters, Informatik-Coordinators). It contains talks and discussions in workgroups about the development of the ETH web, security questions, reports of WWW conferences, presentations of useful tools and other aspects of the ETH web.
Function: Organization (1997- ... )

* Swiss Cyber Roadshow
The Swiss Cyber Roadshow introduced Internet in Swiss High Schools. As Circus Director I tought students, teachers (and sometimes also parents) of Swiss High Schools in internet literacy.
=> Project description | Pictures of the Cyber Roadshow | Publications
Function: Organization (1997-1998)

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Teaching: Publications:

* Lindenmeyer, J., Pilloud, M.: Cyber Road Show: Internet-Einführung an Schweizer Gymnasien; 56 pages incl. CD-ROM; SATW-Report 28, Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences, SATW, Zürich, June 1998. [ HTML Version | Abstract (14,7 kb) | pdf (Adobe Acrobat) (3363 kb) | Order Form ]
* Lindenmeyer, J.: Einführung in Windows NT 4.0; 26 pages; Institute of Scientific Computing, ETH Zurich, Zurich, 1st edition: 1998, 2nd edition: 1999. [ HTML-Version | PDF (Acrobat Reader) (226 KB) | Postscript (5659 KB) ]
* Fessler A., Kemme B., Kuckelberg A., Lindenmeyer J., Ma D., Schlotke F., Zeller E.: Datenverwaltung mit MS Access; 44 pages; Institute of Scientific Computing, ETH Zurich, Zurich, 1999. [ HTML-Version | pdf (Adobe Acrobat) (2314 KB) | Postscript (8816 KB) ]
* Lindenmeyer, J.: Programmieren und Problemlösen: Arbeiten mit Delphi; 18 pages; Institute of Scientific Computing, ETH Zurich, Zurich, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000. [ pdf (Adobe Acrobat) (478 kb) | Postscript (3257 kb) ]
* Lindenmeyer, J.: "Web-basierter Hochschulunterricht: Strategien und Gestaltung". Rahmenbedingungen, Infrastruktur und Gestaltungsrichtlinien für Websites an der ETH ; 37 slides; Network for Educational Technology (NET), Zurich, 1999. [ HTML-Versions | Large GIF-Images | Small GIF-Images | For Internet Explorer Users | MS Power Point (580 KB) | pdf (Adobe Acrobat) (3266 KB) | Postscript (11084 KB) ]
* Lindenmeyer, J.: "Die ETH an der 8. WWW-Konferenz in Toronto: Accessibility". Presentation at the 6th ETH WWW-Workshop; 26 slides; ETH Web Office, Zurich, 1999. [ HTML-Versions | For Internet Explorer Users | Large GIF-Images | Small GIF-Images ]

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